Sequins Shankill

HD A, Elbows 0-0, eyes clear,

GR PRA 1 vrij - GR PRA 2 vrij- Ichtyosis vrij

Ch. Rosegrove Let It Be Me
Ch. Shardanell Castaspell
Ipcress Sir Thomas
Lovehayne Scarlet Sage for Shardanell
Rosegrove Follow Your Dream
Marjamez Matchmaker at Learmount
Golmas Gilded Rose at Rosegrove
Mathilda of the Hellacious Acres
Int. Ch. Inassicas Coriander
Ch. Cheer's Way of the World
Inassicas Sea Mayweed
Ch. Martha of the Hellacious Acres
Jun.Ch. Sansue Hi'land Storm
Ch. Bows of the Hellacious Acres


Just Jasmin Jeanton

HD A, Elbows 0-0, Eyes clear:

GR PRA 1 drager - GR PRA 2 vrij- Ichthyosis vrij

Alex v.d Aorzelse Hoeve

HD A - Elbows 0-0

Eyes Clear


Inassicas Coriander


Cheers's Way of the World

Inassicas Sea Mayweed
Lovely Rose Jeanton


Xanthous Cantona

JW '96

Vanity Jeanton

Tina Jeanton  

Ned. Kampioen, Winster 2003

Bundessieger 2003

HD B - Elbows 0-0

Eyes Clear

Follow Me Jeanton 1 CC CH Lovehayne Darter
Multi CH Fiveshill Full of Style
Vanity Jeanton JW '96

3 CAC and 3 Res CAC

Westley Cumgen
Gunhills Summer Dawn

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Pups 44 dagen oud